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Jalila Bouchareb, a Moroccan woman who has lived her entire life in the U.S, founded Amal Oils as she sought to incorporate her desire to combine her passion for natural Moroccan beauty products with her desire to support Moroccan women entrepreneurs in rural underserved areas. She frequently travels to Morocco and is very close to her roots.

Jalila first started Amal Oils with 100% Organic Argan Oil, a product that at the time was not yet recognized for its highly potent and beneficial characteristics in the US. Argan oil, widely used by women and men in Morocco for centuries, has been a part of Jalila's life since she was young. “Ever since I can remember I have used pure argan oil as part of my daily beauty ritual. I use it for everything - my baths, after my showers, on my hair, and on my face before I go to sleep. It is so versatile!" She established Amal Oils to share this wonderful product with you, in its pure and most natural form, and at the same time give back to the Moroccan women who harvest the argan trees and crack the argan nuts.

Jalila's hope and dreams are centered around sharing the wonderful, natural, undiscovered and pure products of Morocco with the world while making an impact on the lives of the Moroccan women entrepreneurs that help to make Amal Oils possible. Her undeniable enthusiasm for natural beauty, life and the advancement of women in Morocco is contagious.

Argan Oil Benefits

Duly deemed "the latest miracle ingredient," and "the latest botanical phenomenon," by Elle magazine and the New York Times...

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Berber Women

Apart from its natural cosmetic benefits, Amal Oils supports the poverty-stricken Berber women of Morocco...

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Get the inside scoop on how Amal Oils is made, ways to use Moroccan argan oil and much more...

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Best Quality Argan Oil

Amal Oils offers the highest quality argan oil products on the market. This pure argan oil, derived from the highest quality argan nuts in southwestern Morocco, is sought after for its anti-aging and protective qualities that are unlike any other cosmetic product. Argan Oil has been used for centuries by Moroccan women to reduce signs of aging and improve skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.