The Process

Whole argan nuts

Each and every bottle of Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil has been given significant amounts of time and attention by the cooperatives of Berber women in Morocco prior to arriving in the US.

Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil begins as a fruit on the argan tree in the southeastern region of Morocco. The fruit is picked by hand from the tree, and left to dry in the sun for several weeks. Once the flesh has dried, it is removed. What remains is a light brown hard nut that is about the size of an olive. Next, the Berber women perform the extremely difficult task of cracking the nut, resulting in a small kernel. It takes at least 45 minutes to crack enough argan nuts for one bottle of Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil. The best quality argan kernels are chosen, cold-pressed, filtered and decanted for 10 days to remove any impurities prior to bottling. This three week process is carefully monitored each step of the way and certified organic by EcoCert to NOP standards.

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